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Connect_Next, as the name suggests, enables a next level - seamless connect between the stake holder trio of the school system viz. the school, students and parents. The product is envisioned to transform the engagement levels of the trio, thereby facilitating Participative Learning Environment.

                        Gone are the days when learning started and ended at school. Learning needs to move from school to home and home to school seamlessly. Parents need to get more involved and engaged in this learning process. The lack of an easy to use and easy to access platform is holding back parents from this much needed engagement and involvement. The absence of a real-time learning status repository with information on the learning needs, progress, deficiencies etc of the child makes it difficult for the Trio to monitor and take measures for the betterment of the child. Parents remain disconnected as they have no easy way to get involved.

                  Connect_Next fills this gap. It makes available a real-time learning status repository and provides an easy to use close knit interaction mechanism that is made available through user devices that are most commonly used, making effective participation possible. Teachers/ principal & school staff are provided with tablet computers with Connect_Next application, thereby enabling access & usage at fingertips (without having to rush to a computer room), while students & parents can access the system through a standard web browser from a desktop/ laptop or a tablet PC.

                    The three important components that Connect_Next helps manage in the school education system are Information, Communication and Security. Key features under these main pillars are listed below:

Information Management: Learning Management Gateway helps in managing the learning information
Learning Management:
Planning, progress recording & monitoring of syllabus and lesson plans
Homework, assignments, projects and activities can be planned, uploaded, tracked and graded
Student, parents can download and (if required) submit assignments online
Overall learning progress and statistics at the press of a button for headmistresses, principals & administrators
Teacher substitute planning
CCE Management:
CCE planning, scheduling, grading on all parameters, with automatic computation of scholastic (FA and SA) and co-scholastic assessment as per CBSE norms
CCE report generation
Student dossier/profile/portfolio:
Continuous maintenance of student progress, performance, activities participated in, awards and achievements etc. Throughout the school life of the child.
Communication Management:
Communication dashboard:
One touch easy interaction, intra-messaging, broadcast, specific group messaging and one to one interaction, and emails, chat, SMS (as desired by administration)
Announcements, news items, awards, birthdays, discussion forums and desired social interactions
Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting:
Each student has a separate dashboard through which the teacher can convey matters of priority, concern and focus to parents on issues that need immediate attention instead of waiting for the next PTM.
Security Management:
Real-time Presence Monitoring for safety, security and class room attendance
Teacher has instant information on presence of students in class, automatic attendance capture and recording through the day and can track the location of the students anywhere within the school premises
Principal and administrator can also track Teachers & staff through the real time presence tracking system if desired.
Parents get notification SMSs regarding entry and exit of their wards to and from the school as well as real-time presence information of their wards within the school campus.
The Connect_Next solution is made available to school as Software as a Service (Saas) with an on-site engineer ensuring all-time availability of system. The solution will be charged on a per month per student basis with minimal upfront cost to the school. Connect_Next Solution Includes: Customized independent interfaces for all users viz. Principal_Connect, Teacher_Connect, Parent_Connect, Student_Connect Campus wide ” Presence Sensing Network” Presence sensing Id cards for students, teachers & staff Campus WiFi with high speed internet access Tablets with Connect_Next for teachers, principal/administrator In-School dual redundant Servers for hosting Connect_Next One Touch Communication dashboard for SMS, Intra-message, Chat & Email Resident Support Engineer Training to teachers & school staff
Real - Time Presence Learning Management Gateway Info Exchange & Communication Platform
Real - time presence: Real-time Presence Monitoring feature allays security fears of parents when their wards are away at school. Parents can get notification SMSs on their mobile phones regarding entry & exit of their wards to and from the school. Parents can also check the real-time presence information of their wards within the school campus using their mobile phones or personal computer.While teachers can check real time presence / location of their respective students, Principal can check real time presence / location of all students, teachers and staff.
Get Alert SMS when your child enters / exits school campus
Check real time presence / location of your child in school campus
Check real time presence / location of students / teachers / staff
Check real time presence / location of your students
Automated Granular Attendance:
Attendance - School Level:
Automatic capture & Recording of Attendance of students, Teacher & Staff
Attendance - Subject Level:
Automatic capture & Recording of Attendance at subject, event & activity level
Learning management Gateway Learning Management Gateway provides very comprehensive coverage in managing all the school related learning activities including academics. It helps teachers make Lesson Plans, record, schedule and mark progress of the syllabus of each individual subject; plan, upload online, schedule, track and grade homework/ assignments/ projects/ activities. It equally helps students to download, upload for submission and keep track of all the above mentioned academic items. The CCE component of this feature helps teachers in easily managing the FA & SA planning, scheduling, grading & tracking; observing, recording, marking/grading of all Co-Scholastic parameters; automatic computation of grades and report generation Depict the following in a more pictorial way. Learning Management:
Syllabus / Lesson Plan:
Planning, Progress recording & tracking
Homework, Assignment, Project Activity & Class tests:
Making, scheduling, assigning, grading & tracking
Time - Table:
Manual & automatic timetable
Substitute planning
Reports for all kinds of information
Year end report cards for all classes
CCE reports
Student Dossier: Continuous maintenance of student progress, performance, activities participated in, awards and achievements etc. throughout the school life of the child.
CCE Management:
FA & SA planning, scheduling, tracking, marking and grading.
Observing, recording, marking & grading of all indicators
Information exchange & Communication Platform: Communication dashboard enables one touch easy interaction via Intra Message, email, chat and SMS making it possible to communicate easily with a group (broadcast or multi-cast) or one-on-one. Picture below depicts the feature.
Enabling Close Knit Communication:
SMS    EMail    Chat    Intra-Message
Communication Dashboard
Broadcast for Teacher / Principal / Admin
Selective Groups for Teacher / Principal / Admin
One 2 One for All
Auto Alerts
Virtual PTM The Virtual PTM feature helps parents & teachers in monitoring issues and taking appropriate action in virtual mode. A VPTM Dashboard is created and maintained for each student. This helps in easy recording & tracking of issues and facilitates a mechanism for planning action by involving all required stakeholders. Monitoring of progress and taking issues to their logical resolution is made easy.
VPTM Dashboard for each student
Easy recording & tracking of issues
Mechanism for planning action
Involving stakeholders
Monitor progress
Take issues to their logical conclusion/resolution
Social Interaction Dashboard The Social Interaction dashboard provides a complete suite of items like birthday
listing & wishing, awards listing & wishing, forums & discussions, polls
and events/news/announcements.
Social Interaction Dashboard:
Discussions & Polls
Administration & Events Management:
Events & Participation:
School calendar: List of the important events and holidays
Reminders on schedule of important events
Notification from school authority in the event of unplanned activity (Holiday)
Online polls from parents on any matter
Approval from parents for an event
Take issues to their logical conclusion/resolution
Information Management:
Online Leave submission by parent and approvals
Admission section, with online form submission and registration
Alumni section and details
Online Fee Payment:
Fee payment Over the internet(Credit Card, Debit Card,E-Banking)
Parents get automated notifications(sms/email) seven days before the last day of submission
Fee payment section gives complete details on the past and future fee payments
Access “Principal_Connect” on tablet / PC School wide real-time presence tracking Granular attendance monitoring Overall Learning Progress & Statistics Student / Teacher / Staff level drilled down data at finger tip Effective & Easy Communication with all Comprehensive tasks management
Access “Teacher_Connect” on tablet / PC Anytime, Anywhere, Secure access Comprehensive Learning Management Virtual PTM CCE Management Real time presence monitoring System reported granular attendance One-touch messaging Improved efficiency in all tasks
Access “Parent_Connect” on desk / laptop Real time presence information School entry/exit alerts Issue remediation using Virtual PTM Easy tracking / monitoring of progress & activities Student Dossier Access to Learning Management Gateway Easy communication & effective participation
Access “Student_Connect” on desk / laptop Lesson Plan & Syllabus Progress Study Material & Assessments Assignment, Homework, Projects: Schedule & Submission Forums & Discussions Collaborative learning Self progress review & improvement
Product Packages
Customers can opt for the following three Connect_Next packages. Package - 1 This is the base package of Connect_Next and consists of Learning Management Gateway plus the Communications Platform. The communication platform is embedded within the Learning Management Gateway to ensure easy one touch communication and information passing and they are inseparable. Learning Management Gateway + Communications Platform
Package - 2 Package-2 is a combination of the base package-1 described above and the entry - exit part of the Real-Time Presence Monitoring (RTPM) component. In the partial RTPM component, only the entry and exit of students to and from the school campus is captured and mointored here. This also gives the school-level attendance of students, teachers and staff. Learning Management Gateway + Communications Platform + Entry-Exit Real-Time Presence Monitoring
Package - 3 Package-3 is a combination of base package-1 and the complete RTPM component. The complete RTPM component consists of within campus presence monitoring apart from the entry ‐ exit monitoring. In this package, the school-level attendance and the subject or activity level granular attendance of students are also made available. Learning Management Gateway + Communications Platform + Entry-Exit Real-Time Presence Monitoring + Within-campus Real-Time Presence Monitoring
Pricing depends upon the following factors Choice of the product package Number of students Students to Teacher ratio Size of campus School - specific customization requirements
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